The Gentry Foundation was created to decrease the average age of Autism diagnosis in the state of Arizona.

The mission of The Gentry Foundation is to seek out and identify young children throughout Arizona who may be impacted by an Autism Spectrum Disorder and offer these children access to free, high quality, evaluations which are necessary to qualify for and begin intervention. Years of clinical research have proven that access to early intensive behavioral intervention is the key to faster progress, more meaningful educational experiences and a higher quality of life. The Gentry Foundation is committed to ensuring all children with autism get access to intervention as early as possible, regardless of their race, culture, religion, or economic status.

The Gentry Foundation will fulfill its mission in the following eight ways:

  • 1. Raising money

    through direct fundraising and applying for state/national grants, to pay for high quality evaluations for children who’s parents cannot afford or do not have access to them.

  • 2. Set up free screening opportunities

    throughout the community/state, where local professionals can quickly help to identify children who are at-risk for developmental delays, speech/language delays, and Autism.

  • 3. Create a network of local professionals

    who use evidence-based, gold standard, evaluation procedures, who are willing to perform these evaluations for families identified by The Gentry Foundation.

  • 4. Work with local hospitals, pediatricians, and preschools

    to educate their staff about the red flags and early identification practices that can be used to identify possible referrals for further evaluation.

  • 5. Increase awareness in the community

    through media (print/news/social media) and public speaking opportunities, about the need for earlier identification of Autism in Arizona.

  • 6. Collaborate with other local and state Autism treatment/support agencies

    to develop systems of referral for intervention for children identified and diagnosed through The Gentry Foundation.

  • 7. Teach parents of newly diagnosed children

    how to get their child the service they will need through free informational sessions, access to printed articles on the topic and referrals to local agencies who provide parent training.

  • 8. Promote capacity building

    in the local professional arena by educating and training local diagnosticians to complete qualifying Autism diagnostic evaluations.