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Gina Schroeder Family photo

Gina Schroeder

Board Member

Gina has been married to her husband Brian since 2006 and has 2 children. Her daughter Haley is 9 years old and her son Brendan is 4 years old. While she is first a mother, she also owns her own business. As a professional makeup artist, she primarily focuses on makeup for weddings. She recognizes that her children are her world and they come first and will do anything to make sure my children are healthy and safe. Her youngest, Brendan, was diagnosed with autism at the early age of 13 months old. She and her husband started intensive behavioral therapy for him and their family from the moment he got his diagnosis. “I knew getting him early intervention was extremely crucial. It has absolutely made a difference in our autism journey so far. After only 3 years of therapy and only at the age of 4 he is able to do anything he wants with typical kids. I know without the early intervention he would never be where he is today.” Gina is proud to be a board member and secretary for The Gentry Foundation, and is hoping her diligence and thoughtfulness, as well as her knowledge gained from navigating the system for her son, prove to be as beneficial for other kids as it has been for her own.